Giving Three Cheers for Teachers!

Teachers – they’re part of our lives from kindergarten to graduation, ready to fill our heads with knowledge. May 4-10 is “Teacher Appreciation Week.” At the United Way of the Bradford Area, one of the things we advocate for is a great education, a reason why we fund agencies and programs dedicated to teaching. Those agencies most associated with a traditional learning environment are CARE for Children, YMCA, Growing with Grace Preschool, and the Strengthening Families program.

But all of our funded agencies are invested in teaching, in one way or another.

Prevention-based programs at Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services focus on positive, healthy choices and empower local schoolchildren. Staff and volunteers at the McKean-Potter Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross receive training for the disaster relief program, which enables them to better serve the community in times of distress. Activities and resources are available for older residents at the Greater Bradford Senior Activity Center and the Bradford Ecumenical Home/Chapel Ridge.

The Bradford Landmark Society and the McKean County Historical Society take us on a journey to the past, lecturing us about our region throughout the years.

Individuals with disabilities are engaged members of our community – working, building socialization skills, or participating in healthy competition – thanks to Dickinson Partial Hospitalization Program, Futures Rehabilitation Center, and McKean County Special Olympics.

CASA of McKean County, Catholic Charities, Children’s Advocacy Center of McKean County and the Family Center focus on making sure children are listened to and protected, and model healthy behaviors for their program participants.

Providing activities is important for the Bradford Youth Hockey Club, Girl Scouts of Western PA, and McKean County 4-H, giving children an opportunity to learn teamwork, hone their skills, and have a safe place to socialize.

Destinations Bradford, YWCA, and the Family Center have educational programs to teach skills their clients can implement in their everyday lives.

So, not only do we appreciate all of the educators in our local schools, but we’re thankful for those who may not be considered teachers, who play an important role in our community. Those teaching our children make learning fun and school a safe, productive place. The employees and volunteers at funded agencies educate community members on available resources and programs. All are involved in expanding the knowledge of everyone in our area!


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