Red Feather Recognition and Report to the Community – Recap

The United Way of the Bradford Area’s Board and Staff want to sincerely thank all of the individuals, businesses and organizations who joined us last evening to celebrate exceptional volunteerism — and to also hear our vision and be reminded of the work we do each day.

Jim Wiseman was awarded the Red Feather award which is an award given to an individual or an organization who has made a significant impact on the United Way. Jim spoke about how humbled and honored he was to be in the company of so many leaders in our community who also share the Red Feather. Jim said that though he was being awarded for giving so much to the United Way he wanted it to be known that the United Way has given so much to him in return.

Debbie Price with Evergreen Elm was awarded the Excellence in Representation Award and this award is given to an outstanding agency representative who best exemplifies the United Way of the Bradford Areas mission within their own organization, who participates in the annual campaign and who possesses a working knowledge of the United Way and how in benefits the various programs and service in the community. Debbie spoke passionately about the United Way and how as a young girl she can vividly re-call the Community Chest (the United Way’s predecessor) aiding her family when they were struggling to make ends meet and that her father always wanted her to remember to give back to the United Way. This has stuck with her to this day which makes her someone we are proud to recognize.

The United Way of the Bradford Area also shared their vision with the community at the event. The vision for Executive Director, Paige LaBrozzi, is to build upon the already strong donor base but to cultivate new and motivated donors. “We recognize our relationships with our current donors and we value them. Our donor relationships are essential to helping us provide real solutions to our community’s real challenges. We want it to be known that we will honor all of our donors by listening, discussing and pursuing efforts that bring relief and support. We will also continue to nurture our connections with our community partners but want to open our doors to new agencies and new opportunities. We need to do more and we will do more — This is our calling.”

We also took time to share our Annual Report to the Community which further outlines how we benefit the communities we serve on an annual basis. If you are interested in a copy of this report, please contact the United Way office.