Port Allegany Donors – Campaign 2017

Individual Giving Levels:
* Denotes Professional Level Giving ($250-$499)
** Denotes Leadership Level Giving ($500-$1,499)
*** Denotes Executive Level Giving ($1,500-$2,499)
**** Denotes Chairman Level Giving ($2,500-$9,999)
***** Denotes Toqueville Society ($10,000 and up)


American Refining Group
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Anderson
Ardagh Group
Mr. and Mrs. George and Dawn Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael and Katherine Bayline *
Mr. Vincent Bizzaro
Mr. John Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Melynda Budd
Mr. W.E. Burleson
Dr. and Mrs. Philip and Susan Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Cathy Carlson **
Mrs. Helen Caskey
Sara Cimino (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)
Tammy Conway (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)
Mrs. Felicia Culver
Ms. Mary Alice Dalaba
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Barbara Delacour
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Sue DeMott **
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Doris Drabert
EM & Associates Group
Ms. Judy Evens
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Alice Falk
First Energy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Susan Flint
Ms. Mary Beth Frison
Nick Goss (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)
Jennifer Greenman (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)
Mr. and Mrs. Duane and Mary Gregg
Ms. Ruth Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Charlene Gross
Mr. and Mes. Duane and Mitzi Haskins
Ms. Laura Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. William and Joanne Jaros
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Shirley Johnson
Juniata Valley Bank
Juniata Valley Bank – Employees
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Margaret Kallenborn
Mr. and Mrs. James and Leslie Kallenborn
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Ann Kanally
Mr. and Mrs. Wade and Mary Grace Kisler
Mr. Richard Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Carolyn Lister
Lycoming County United Way
Mrs. Mary Major
Mr. John Mallery *
Darlene Manning (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee) *
Mrs. Leah May
Mrs. Ardel McLaughlin
Mrs. Doris McLaughlin
Krystal Meade (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)
Michele’s Beauty Salon
Ms. Jean Ostrander
Ms. Mary Ostrander
Mr. Pete Ostrander
Mrs. Arlene Payne
Ms. Patricia Petrisek
Mr. James Petzold
Port Allegany Pharmacy
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin and Helen Schott
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond and Caroline Seguin
Mr. and Mrs. Dann and Nancy Shalkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Hilda Smith
Mr. Earl Stromberg
Switzer Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Nan Tanner
Mr. John Todd
Melissa Tucker (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)
UGI Utilities, Inc.
Minerva Wilber (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. Employee)