$330,000 is Actually Priceless




Did you know what you could purchase with $330,000?

You could buy:
– 8 Lexus IS 250 Sport luxury cars
– 7 nights in the country’s most expensive hotel room (Four Seasons New York)
– 10 custom Harley Davidson motorcycles
– A cruise around the world for you and a friend

Or you could give the biggest gift of all – a chance for a better life.

The 2013-2014 campaign exceeded its $330,000 goal, ensuring that local agencies will continue to provide needed services and programs to the area. Our community members in Bradford and beyond know that this money can improve the lives of our neighbors, friends and family members.

Women who are caught in a cycle of domestic violence can get themselves out of a potentially fatal situation with the help of the YWCA of Bradford. Parents can feed their children with the help of the many food pantries in Bradford.  Seniors can have a place to socialize with each other. People with disabilities have the ability to work, contribute to society, and participate in sport competitions. Working families can afford to send their children to affordable preschool with the help of subsidized tuition.  Men, women and children can be given shelter when they don’t have a place they can call home. Children with disabilities and delays can receive specialized, adaptive programs.

The possibilities are endless through the work of United Way funded agencies. Thousands of people in our community benefit, directly or indirectly, from the programs and services provided. The impact in our community started when you, our dear supporters, joined together and showed that “life is good when you’re united.”

Donor Puts Campaign Over Goal

Bradford was indeed a cool town on Friday, but warm hearts prevailed as an anonymous donor came through to push the United Way of the Bradford Area’s 2013 campaign over the $330,000 goal.

“By 8:30 in the morning, we had a phone call saying that this donor wanted to contribute an additional $5,000, which was beyond exciting,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.

Although the campaign closed earlier in the week, officials say that, because it was the donor’s wishes for these dollars to be attributed to the 2013 appeal, they will make the necessary adjustments.

“We, as an organization, obviously abide by the Donor Bill of Rights, which states that the donor can be assured that their gift will be used for the purpose for which it was given,” said Davis.  “In this case, it was directed to the 2013 campaign, and that’s where it will be used.”

Davis said she was happy with the success based on Thursday’s status, and is beyond elated today.

“I really don’t know what to say.  So many times I think that ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough to express how grateful I am, and this is definitely the case today.”

Davis reiterated that it’s not necessarily about the goal and whether or not that dollar amount was raised, but rather it’s the agencies and programs that offer the necessary services to our community that are the focal point. 

“We (at the United Way) do what we do because they (the funded agencies) do what they do.  Without the talents, compassion and dedication of these local agencies and all those people affiliated with them, I can’t even imagine how the lives of everyone in our area would be affected.”

Davis announced Thursday that regardless of whether or not goal was achieved, all agencies would receive there allocation in full.

Campaign Closes $2,500 Short of Goal

The United Way of the Bradford Area closed the books on the 2013 campaign, “Life Is Good When You’re United”, coming up just $2,500 short of the $330,000 fundraising goal.

“I’m truly so happy with the successes of this appeal,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.  “Aside from being so close to that 100%, we can assure our agencies that no one will receive a reduction in their 2014 monthly allocations, which is the most important thing.”

Davis said that diligent, responsible and strategic work on the part of the Board of Directors led to the agencies being able to receive their full allocation. 

“They (the board members) take their responsibilities very seriously, especially that of determining which agencies receive funding from the annual campaign(s), and they worked very hard to determine what would be best for those agencies – and our community – in the end,” said Davis.

Campaign Co-Chairs Mary Boser and Lisa Boser-Miller expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm for all of the support received since the beginning of the process in August. 

 “Yes, we would like to have our headline read that we met goal or even surpassed goal,” said Mary, “but we’re very proud of what our community has accomplished through their annual United Way giving.”

“In the end, it’s not necessarily the dollar amount that we should focus on,” said Lisa, “but rather the numbers – the number of agencies and programs which will receive funding through this campaign, the number of our friends and family and neighbors who will be impacted by those services – that’s what is important.”

The other number that Lisa said was imperative this year was that of new donors.

“To those folks who signed that pledge card for the first time, we thank you for taking that step with us, for saying that you believe in the United Way and what we do for our community.”

From what can be accounted for, there were nearly 75 new donors this year, which does not include many of the employees from various corporations. 

“Often times we don’t see who it is that is contributing through pay-roll deduction, so I’m sure that number would be much higher if we were able to account for those individuals,” said Davis.

UWBA Board President, Steve Williams, expressed his personal appreciation to those who made the 2013 campaign a success.

“We can’t thank the staff enough for the hard work they put into this appeal, as well as our campaign volunteers, board members and partner agencies who were out there advocating on behalf of the United Way. 

“And, thank you, of course, to the donors who amaze me with their generosity year-in and year-out.  We hope we, as an organization, express appropriately how truly grateful we are to you.”

Davis said that the theme of “Life Is Good When You’re United” was fitting for this campaign. 

“It’s funny because obviously the theme is decided upon long before the start of the actual solicitation process, so to sit back now and think of all of the intricacies of the 2013 campaign, I can honestly say there probably wasn’t a more fitting theme.”

That theme was decided on based on a competition amongst local elementary school students.  The winning theme came from the 2012-2013 3rd grade students in Mrs. Johnson’s class at School Street Elementary.

“Being a part of this campaign has proven to be an eye-opening experience,” said Mary.  “I thought I was in the loop as to the needs of the organizations for which the United Way supports, but the needs in our community are so much stronger than I ever anticipated. 

“I am proud to have represented such a fine organization as so many worked extremely hard striving to meet our goal,” she said.

“Many corporations, businesses, schools, and individuals gave back to our community, and all have combined efforts to spread the message Life is Good When You’re United.  Thank you for being a part of such an amazing effort,” said Lisa.     

So, what’s next for the local United Way? 

“Well, we are in the process of planning our special events for the 2014 calendar year,” said Davis.  “And, there were several goals that I had set for myself for 2013 that I didn’t accomplish at the office, so those are next on my list.  Then, there’s campaign 2014, which will kick-off in just seven months!”

2013 Campaign at 93% of Goal

There’s just one week until the books close on the United Way of the Bradford Area’s 2013 campaign, and officials are saying the final stretch will be the most difficult.

“We are at 93% of goal, which is a success, but we need a really strong push and follow-up to hit that $330,000 mark,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.  “It’s going to be tough, but we will do the absolute best we can to ensure that the agencies are able to be fully funded in the next year.”

And, Davis is encouraging anyone who wants to make that end-of-the-year donation to stop at the UWBA office anytime today.

“Our office will be open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, so you can make your final tax-deductible charitable contribution.”

 Local agencies which have been awarded funding from the 2013 campaign have been notified of what their allocations will be based on the full $330,000 being raised.  But, if the campaign falls short of that goal, the agencies will notice a reduction in their monthly allocations, which could be detrimental to some.

“There are several of the funded agencies that are literally relying on these allocations, down to the last dollar,” said Davis.  “Any hit to their United Way budget could mean that other areas are going to see a subsequent hit, which could mean a reduction or complete depletion of programs and services.”

Campaign Co-Chairs Mary Boser and Lisa Boser-Miller are stressing the importance of giving.

“We truly need the entire community’s support,” said Mary. 

Lisa echoed those remarks, adding, “Think of it as an investment, which is truly is.  You’re investing in the future of your friends, neighbors and the community as a whole.”

75% of Goal and in Need of Community’s Support

The United Way of the Bradford Area has announced that 75% of the $330,000 goal has been raised to date.

 “As we close in on this deadline, we encourage our friends and neighbors to consider their annual gift to the United Way so that the many agencies which benefit (from the campaign) can be fully operational without having to cut any programs or services,” said Lisa Boser-Miller, campaign co-chair.

 Although Sunday is the last day to make first-time asks, officials say that follow-up efforts will take place from now until January 5, 2014.  Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis said that next week will be consumed with making contacts with those individuals or businesses who have given in the past, but from whom a pledge has yet to be secured.

 “We truly need the entire community’s support to reach the goal,” added Mary Boser, co-chair.  “It’s imperative that you invest in your fellow neighbor, especially during the holiday season.”

 “Our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure a successful campaign,” said UWBA Board President, Steve Williams.  “To those who have already given, thank you!”

Campaign at 65% of Goal

The staff and Board of Directors of the United Way of the Bradford Area have a great deal to be thankful for this year, especially the current successes of the 2013 campaign, “Life Is Good When You’re UNITED,” which is at 65% of goal.

“I had set a personal goal of being at 50% by Thanksgiving,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.  “I knew that it was attainable, and I’m so grateful to everyone whose annual contributions are being accounted for in this update.  Thanks for Giving!”

Davis cautions the community that, although they are pleased with the progress thus far, there is still a ways to go to achieve the $330,000 goal.

“We have to stress that we still are going to rely heavily on our community at-large to get us through the next few week,” said Davis.  “We have just a couple more workplace presentations to do, then it will be following up with outstanding donors. 

“Next week, I will be notifying the agencies who have applied for funding what their allocation potentially will be, based on attaining that $330,000 goal.  If that is not reached, then the agencies’ allocations will have to be cut, which will obviously negatively affect the programming and services necessary in our community.”

The United Way will stop with any first-time solicitations on December 15th, but will take until January 5, 2014 finalize all of the efforts, if necessary.

“We have a great team who has put a lot of energy and passion into this year’s campaign, and I am so appreciative that they’ve offered their time and talents to the UWBA,” said Davis.

4th Qtr. Community Innovations

The United Way of the Bradford Area has awarded more than $7,000 to six local organizations through community innovations grant funding for the fourth quarter of 2013.

The recipients are:  Bradford Ecumenical Home, Inc.’s intergenerational art program; CARE for Children smart board installation; Destinations Bradford’s medical gas cards and care closet; Dickinson Mental Health holiday events; Evergreen Elm, Inc.’s swimming therapy program; and The Salvation Army’s energy assistance program.

Local non-profit, 501(c)3, health and human service agencies may submit a request for up to $1,500 per quarter.  The category supports programs independent of those benefitting from monthly allocations that have the potential to impact the local community, encouraging innovative approaches to meeting health and human service needs, and produce specific and measurable outcomes.

Community Innovations grant applications are due on a quarterly basis, and are part of three categories of funding from the annual United Way campaign. For more questions about United Way, or to make a contribution to the 2013-2014 campaign, visit www.uwbanews.org or call 814-368-6181.

UWBA Accepting RFP’s

The United Way of the Bradford Area is currently accepting Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 2014 calendar year. Local 501(c)3 health and human service organizations which would like to receive funding can submit an RFP by by 4:00 pm on Friday, September 20, 2013.

The applications are divided among Community Essential and Community Building programs. Community Essential programs or organizations are such that provide direct services for food, shelter, clothing, health, emergency services and protection from abuse/violence; Community Building programs respond to community needs and issues.

A third category of funding, Community Innovations, supports quarterly grants of up to $1,500 for programs independent of agency funding, but those with the potential to impact the local community. Fourth-quarter applications for 2013 Community Innovations are due October 1, 2013.

All applications are reviewed by committees comprised of United Way Board members, with recommendations being presented to the full board for final approval.

UWBA RFP – 2013