Donor Puts Campaign Over Goal

Bradford was indeed a cool town on Friday, but warm hearts prevailed as an anonymous donor came through to push the United Way of the Bradford Area’s 2013 campaign over the $330,000 goal.

“By 8:30 in the morning, we had a phone call saying that this donor wanted to contribute an additional $5,000, which was beyond exciting,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.

Although the campaign closed earlier in the week, officials say that, because it was the donor’s wishes for these dollars to be attributed to the 2013 appeal, they will make the necessary adjustments.

“We, as an organization, obviously abide by the Donor Bill of Rights, which states that the donor can be assured that their gift will be used for the purpose for which it was given,” said Davis.  “In this case, it was directed to the 2013 campaign, and that’s where it will be used.”

Davis said she was happy with the success based on Thursday’s status, and is beyond elated today.

“I really don’t know what to say.  So many times I think that ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough to express how grateful I am, and this is definitely the case today.”

Davis reiterated that it’s not necessarily about the goal and whether or not that dollar amount was raised, but rather it’s the agencies and programs that offer the necessary services to our community that are the focal point. 

“We (at the United Way) do what we do because they (the funded agencies) do what they do.  Without the talents, compassion and dedication of these local agencies and all those people affiliated with them, I can’t even imagine how the lives of everyone in our area would be affected.”

Davis announced Thursday that regardless of whether or not goal was achieved, all agencies would receive there allocation in full.

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