Celebrating 90 Years…

Over the span of 90 years, so many great things can be accomplished, and that is certainly the case at the United Way of the Bradford Area. Since 1925, more than $20 million have been raised right here in our local community – for our local community. But as great as that number is, the biggest value has been the impact made on our families and friends through the agencies which have received funding.

I think about the task that a group of community-oriented, civic-minded individuals placed on themselves when looking to implement an active Community Chest in Bradford; taking the premise of the national movement – those that had extra would give to those in need – and relating the necessity and impact to our community. Not much has changed in 90 years. Today, we continue to ask for support for those who need a hand up, rather than a hand out.

I often say that the landscape of our community would be drastically different without a successful United Way organization, and I truly believe that to be the case. There are many funded agencies that would literally close the doors without the support received through the annual campaign, and the “could nots” and “would nots” would be actual, not hypothetical.

This year, we celebrate our history, we embrace our present and we look forward to our future.

We celebrate all of you, who continue to make the United Way of the Bradford Area a success.

Thank you!