Boser Sisters to Co-Chair Campaign

As the UWBA has marked the start of the fundraising efforts for the 2013 campaign, this year’s co-chairs – Lisa Boser-Miller and Mary Boser – are ready and waiting to get started!

“What an honor to even be thought of as someone who could lead this organization’s campaign,” said Lisa. “We are proud that the United Way staff and Board felt strongly about our abilities and commitment to our community that they would offer us this responsibility.”

The two ladies are no strangers to the United Way. Mary currently is finishing her final month of her term as a member of the Board of Directors, having served for the past eight years. Lisa previously served as a board member for four years, and has since been heavily involved with special events and corporate solicitations.

“I think this is a great way for me, personally, to finish up my Board tenure,” said Mary. “This organization will always be close to me, whether I’m on the board, co-chairing a campaign, or being a donor.

“When Lisa called me to discuss this opportunity, her enthusiasm radiated right through the phone. We have shared so much throughout our lives – including the love of sports, crafts, traveling, and even hearts embedded with the desire to give back to others. I can think of no one other than my sister with whom I would rather chair such an important campaign.”

“I cannot wait to have these two ladies at my side for the next four months,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis. “On a personal level, they both have offered a great deal of guidance to me, and I’m elated to be able to learn from them even more.”

The Boser Sisters will be an immediate “face” for this year’s appeal, “Life Is Good When You’re United”, and will also be division leaders for the corporate, corporate employee and mail solicitations.

“It’s always been an innate, unspoken requirement to give back to our community,” said Lisa. “What better way to do so than through the United Way?”

Mary echoed those remarks, adding, “We fully expect to raise the $330,000 – and beyond – since we have learned through the years that so many in the Bradford community, which we are proud to call home, share our pride.

Mary, an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, currently lives in Bradford. Lisa serves as the Manager of the Case Collectors Club for W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company and also resides in Bradford with her husband Phil.

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