Being Invincible

Invincible. That’s how I would describe the 2015 Campaign Team. They are eight strong, intelligent, powerful women. They are my mentors. My heroes. But, along this ride, I have learned that physically, none of us are invincible. Since we comprised this “dream team”, we have experienced loss, tragedy, illness, unexpected twists and turns in our lives that have proven that these ladies are, in fact, human.

But, what I have learned about being invincible is that it doesn’t have to necessarily be your physical being. The drive, the heart, the knowledge…that’s what is invincible. Their legacy…that’s what’s invincible.

So, we can be rocked to our core by life. But, how you have lived, what you have taught others, and what you continue to give regardless of what lies ahead is too powerful to be destructed.

We will soon close out campaign 2015. I’m hoping we will do so having raised all and more of the $350,000 we set out to raise just a few short months ago.

Francie, Kelly, Betsy, Diana, Kris, Jane, Mary and Mary Ann…here’s to being invincible.