4th Annual Live United Day of Action

The United Way of the Bradford Area’s 4th Annual Day of Action is scheduled for Saturday, June 21. For this year’s initiative, United Way will be installing a Born Learning Trail at Callahan Park. Born Learning is a public engagement campaign established by United Way Worldwide to help parents, grandparents, and caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun, learning opportunities for our youngest population.

The trail will consist of ten 12” by 24” aluminum signs, printed with a unique, playful, engaging activity based on early learning outcomes. The trail will also include sidewalks adorned with shapes, letters and a 12’ hopscotch court, all which will related to the sign activities. Although geared toward children up to age five, the trail also serves as a tool to help parents and caregivers find simple yet clever ways to incorporate education into a child’s daily life, beginning at the earliest possible stages.

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