Smethport, Port Allegany United Way Campaigns Surpass Goals

Two additional United Way campaigns in the county surpassed monetary goals from the 2017 fundraising efforts, officials announced Friday.

The Smethport and Port Allegany campaigns – run by the United Way of the Bradford Area office – raised $17,590 and $17,747 respectively.

In the office’s sixth year managing the Smethport efforts, officials say one of the highlights was the new donors; 10 contributors gave just over $800.  Additionally, the campaign experienced increases in both the business and national firms divisions. 

In the second year managing the Port Allegany Campaign for United Way, giving increased by 15%.   Every division – and for that campaign there are seven – either met or exceeded the amount raised during the previous year. 

UWBA Board Member and Port Allegany representative, Gwen Rush, said, “People coming together as a community can make things happen.  Exceeding our campaign goal speaks volumes about the outpouring support from the businesses and people who live in Port Allegany.”

Jodie Wagner, UWBA Board Secretary, stressed the importance of acknowledging the continued support received for the annual United Way campaigns.

“Regardless of the community you reside in, I want to thank each person, business and corporation which took the time to donate.  Your contributions are valued and greatly needed to help fund programs in all of our service areas.”

The United Way office is currently accepting applications for funding from both the Smethport and Port Allegany campaigns.  Eligible non-profits providing services throughout each area may request funds to be applied towards applicable programs and services.  All applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of United Way board members, with recommendations being presented to the full board for final approval. 

The deadline for all Port Allegany requests is March 1.  Smethport requests may be submitted by March 1 and September 1.  Those applications are available on the United Way’s website, or be emailing

The United Way is also seeking a representative for the Smethport community on their Board of Directors.  If you are interested in volunteering and advocating for your community and non-profits served, please contact Mandi Wilton Davis as 814-368-6181.

Anonymous Donors Push United Way Over Goal

The “Cool Town, Warm Hearts” theme prevailed again this week, especially at the United Way of the Bradford Area office, from where officials announced that contributions made designated to the 2017 campaign pushed the efforts over the $340,000 goal.


Although last week it was announced that the appeal was just short – by $3,200 – the announcement served as a call to action for some.


“Within a week we had secured enough to exceed that monetary goal,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.  “I cannot thank those donors enough, not just for their monetary contribution, but for their continued belief in the work that is being done by way of United Way-funded programs and services here in our local community. That’s what is most important – the impact that these great entities are making on our entire population.”


Davis says this announcement does not change the coming months for the organization, however. 


“We will still be spending a great deal of time working on retention, recruitment and growth tactics.  I think there are some things we do very well, and some things we could certainly improve upon. We want to ensure continued success for the sake of the community,” said Davis.


For more information on the local United Way, contact the office or visit