Smethport Campaign at 95%

With less than one week remaining in the 2015 appeal, the Smethport Campaign for United Way is nearing its goal, having raised $14,200 so far.

Officials say this is the most that has been raised through the Smethport campaign since the solicitation efforts have been managed by the United Way of the Bradford Area.

“We continue to make great strides with the fundraising efforts within and for the Smethport community,” said Mandi Wilton Davis, executive director. “Again, this is more than we have raised since 2012, and we’re not done yet.”

The campaign officially closes on January 5th, and the first allocation of funds will be made April 1.

“We will have two deadlines for submitting an application for funding; March 1 and September 1,” said Davis. “Any non-profit, health and human service organization providing services to the Smethport area is eligible to apply for funding.”

Since 2013, the Smethport Campaign for United Way has funded 14 programs and services through 11 agencies.

“We’re looking forward to finalizing the appeal in the coming days, hopefully ending at 100 percent,” said Davis.

For more information on the Smethport Campaign for United Way, or to make a contribution, visit or call the United Way office at 814-368-6181.

Being Invincible

Invincible. That’s how I would describe the 2015 Campaign Team. They are eight strong, intelligent, powerful women. They are my mentors. My heroes. But, along this ride, I have learned that physically, none of us are invincible. Since we comprised this “dream team”, we have experienced loss, tragedy, illness, unexpected twists and turns in our lives that have proven that these ladies are, in fact, human.

But, what I have learned about being invincible is that it doesn’t have to necessarily be your physical being. The drive, the heart, the knowledge…that’s what is invincible. Their legacy…that’s what’s invincible.

So, we can be rocked to our core by life. But, how you have lived, what you have taught others, and what you continue to give regardless of what lies ahead is too powerful to be destructed.

We will soon close out campaign 2015. I’m hoping we will do so having raised all and more of the $350,000 we set out to raise just a few short months ago.

Francie, Kelly, Betsy, Diana, Kris, Jane, Mary and Mary Ann…here’s to being invincible.

Campaign Approaching 80%

With just a few short weeks to go in the United Way of the Bradford Area’s 2015 “Celebrating 90 Years” campaign, officials announced the drive is approaching 80 percent of its $350,000 goal.

While the campaign’s home stretch coincides with an already busy holiday season, Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis is confident the Bradford area’s generous residents won’t forget their neighbors in need.

“I will be honest is saying it will be difficult this year, but so detrimental to the funded agencies – especially given the current state budget impasse,” said Davis. “To have to couple an impasse that is affecting our local non-profits with a potential cut in their United Way allocation for 2016 could be disastrous.

“That’s why we’re asking for everyone to consider making a gift this year.”

Davis said that the additional expenses that these organizations will face once the budget passes (i.e. interest payments on loans and lines of credit) will make it difficult enough for maintaining operating budgets; they can’t afford to take further reductions in funding.

“I’m proud of our status right now given the various circumstances we’ve faced since the start of the campaign, but I can’t stress enough how far a donation to the United Way goes.”

The 2015 campaign will officially close on January 5th. If you haven’t made a pledge, but would like to, please contact the United Way at (814) 368-6181, via e-mail at, or online at