Campaign at 55% of Goal

This ‘cool town with warm hearts’ continues to rise to the challenge, as the United Way has raised 55% of the $350,000 campaign goal.

Campaign Co-Chair Diana Ferguson wants to remind everyone, however, that there is still a ways to go.

“The generosity of so many will result in a great number of individuals receiving services through the many programs that are funded by the United Way.”

Co-Chair Francie Ambuske echoed those remarks, adding “We’re more than halfway home. Remember that we all share in taking care of our community, so when you’re asked to give to this campaign, give it serious consideration.”

The United Way Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing applications for funding for the 2016 calendar year. Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis said that this is always a stressful time because there are typically thousands more in requests than what is available to allocate.

“It really reiterates how important it is that we not only reach that goal, but exceed it,” she said. “We have seen requests totaling nearly $50,000 more than what we have to give out, so we know a lot of very difficult decisions have to be made in the coming weeks.

“But, the donors can rest assured that this responsibility is not taken lightly by the board members, and a lot of time is being taken to make sure those decisions are made in the best interest of our community,” said Davis.

Direct solicitations for the campaign end December 15, but United Way accepts donations and pledges through January 5 for any end-of-the-year giving.

The campaign team, never wanting to miss an opportunity to express appreciation for the success so far, say, “Thank you all and, please keep the pledges coming!”

United Way Campaign at 35% of Goal

The local community has a lot to celebrate; 90 years of the United Way of the Bradford Area, and helping to raise 35% of this year’s $350,000 goal.

“We are working diligently again this year to stress the importance of giving to the annual United Way campaign, and our message is well received,” said Mandi Wilton Davis, executive director.

“We have a great campaign team, which is instrumental in relaying our message throughout the entire community, and we’ve stayed very busy with employee workplace presentations,” Davis added.

The workplace presentations are an integral part of the United Way’s success, as it allows staff and agency representative the opportunity to talk candidly about how the annual appeal impacts the local community.

“I am so grateful to the entities which allow us to come in and speak directly to their workforce year in and year out,” said Davis, “as well as to those who manage internal campaigns. Allowing the donors to hear first-hand how their payroll deduction can make an impact on someone’s life is a great asset.”

Speaking on behalf of the eight co-chairs, Kelly Zurat Case said, “We are so pleased to see donors increasing their gifts to make reaching the increased overall goal a little easier. We have seen a number of new contributors, too, which is always an achievement.”

The small business division will be the focal point next week with the annual Business Blitz on Friday, October 16th.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of giving to the United Way,” said Davis. “Please do so knowing that you are able to have the greatest impact with one contribution; it’s an easy way to change a life.”
And, as a reminder, the organization will be holding a Stuff the Truck supply drive on Saturday from 8:00 am – noon at Tops and Save-A-Lot. Volunteers will be collecting donations of non-perishable food items and other necessities to benefit local pantries, shelters and organizations.