75% of Goal and in Need of Community’s Support

The United Way of the Bradford Area has announced that 75% of the $330,000 goal has been raised to date.

 “As we close in on this deadline, we encourage our friends and neighbors to consider their annual gift to the United Way so that the many agencies which benefit (from the campaign) can be fully operational without having to cut any programs or services,” said Lisa Boser-Miller, campaign co-chair.

 Although Sunday is the last day to make first-time asks, officials say that follow-up efforts will take place from now until January 5, 2014.  Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis said that next week will be consumed with making contacts with those individuals or businesses who have given in the past, but from whom a pledge has yet to be secured.

 “We truly need the entire community’s support to reach the goal,” added Mary Boser, co-chair.  “It’s imperative that you invest in your fellow neighbor, especially during the holiday season.”

 “Our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure a successful campaign,” said UWBA Board President, Steve Williams.  “To those who have already given, thank you!”

Campaign at 65% of Goal

The staff and Board of Directors of the United Way of the Bradford Area have a great deal to be thankful for this year, especially the current successes of the 2013 campaign, “Life Is Good When You’re UNITED,” which is at 65% of goal.

“I had set a personal goal of being at 50% by Thanksgiving,” said Executive Director Mandi Wilton Davis.  “I knew that it was attainable, and I’m so grateful to everyone whose annual contributions are being accounted for in this update.  Thanks for Giving!”

Davis cautions the community that, although they are pleased with the progress thus far, there is still a ways to go to achieve the $330,000 goal.

“We have to stress that we still are going to rely heavily on our community at-large to get us through the next few week,” said Davis.  “We have just a couple more workplace presentations to do, then it will be following up with outstanding donors. 

“Next week, I will be notifying the agencies who have applied for funding what their allocation potentially will be, based on attaining that $330,000 goal.  If that is not reached, then the agencies’ allocations will have to be cut, which will obviously negatively affect the programming and services necessary in our community.”

The United Way will stop with any first-time solicitations on December 15th, but will take until January 5, 2014 finalize all of the efforts, if necessary.

“We have a great team who has put a lot of energy and passion into this year’s campaign, and I am so appreciative that they’ve offered their time and talents to the UWBA,” said Davis.