Dear Friends and Neighbors, First, we’d like to thank you for your continued support of the Port Allegany United Fund.  Your annual contribution is much more than a financial donation; it’s an investment into the future of this community. As you know, the Port United Fund has been strictly volunteer run; but we’ve reached a point where the number of volunteers is rapidly declining.  But, knowing how much these fundraising efforts mean to so many, we wanted to ensure that something could continue. Now, we’d like to tell you about the transition of Port United Fund to the Port Allegany Campaign for United Way, which (effective April 1) will be managed by the United Way of the Bradford Area, Inc. (UWBA).  This transition simply means that the staff of the UWBA will be operating the annual solicitation efforts and distribution of funds for this area.  We can guarantee that the money raised by Port Allegany residents will stay here, impacting our friends, family and neighbors. It has taken several months to reach this point, and we’re all comfortable with this decision, and confident that this transition will be successful.   The staff and board of the UWBA have worked hard to implement a detailed plan; Gwen Rush has also been approved to serve on the Board to represent Port Allegany.  A general announcement will be made to the public shortly. We look forward to your continued support of the Port Allegany Campaign for United Way.  The 2016 campaign will kick off on August 15th!  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of us.   Sincerely,   Mandi Wilton Davis, Executive Director      Jim Wiseman, Board President       Gwen Rush      Keith Delacour   admin@uwbanews.org Raised $17,860 towards the $15,000 target.